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It’s Easter!!

By 03/04/2015September 12th, 2019No Comments

It’s Easter time!!! And although I’ve had orders for Birthday cakes, baby shower cookies, Christening Favours, Corporate Cookies, and just about every other event or occasion other than Wedding cakes – they’ve all been Easter themed! My buddy, The Easter Bunny will be so pleased everyone is embracing this time of year.

I remember as a kid, Easter was another family get together (I LOVED any reason for my whole family to meet up, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, cousins – omg I LOVED my cousins to bits and really looked up to my cousin, Naomi, in particular…. I still do, really) Like Christmas, we’d have it at a different house each year so as to share in the chaos and clean up – even though everyone helped with both anyway – but my most fond memories are the years we had it at ‘Biddy’s’ house. Biddy is what we called out Great Grandmother. Biddy had this awesome split level house In Sylvania, Sydney, with a spiral staircase down to the lower level – to this day I’m obsessed with spiral staircases, especially really tiny narrow ones like hers – I would play for hours, right there on those steps. Biddy had a beautiful sunroom off the back of the top level of the house, and a backyard that was just simply amazing, there was almost a cliff to get down to it – rough stone stairs (which, as a kid, I truly believe they were naturally formed – how lucky! she had nature build in a staircase for her!!) and so you can just imagine the Easter Egg hunts, the hiding places were endless. In fact now I’m thinking back on it… the ‘grown ups’ had at least a good 2 hours to themselves, while we were looking for the eggs, and playing with the cousins. Nicely played grown ups 😉

As I became a teenager, we just kind of stopped doing the family thing – everyone got so busy…. maybe it was just that the grown ups didn’t get those 2 hours to themselves anymore 😉 When I have a family I’m definitely bringing it back!

EasterEggCookiesWM                                   EasterEggBabyShowerWM

What about you? Did you/do you have any family tradtions, any family memories at Easter? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below – let’s get all warm n fuzzy like the Easter Bunny!