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My new JORD natural wooden timepiece *LOVE*

As a small business owner time is money, as a Mum, time is everything. Time can be either a frustrating or amazing concept but with my newest natural wood watch created by Jord (pronounced Yode – which means ‘Earth’) – time is class, elegance, and and a bucket load of ‘where did you get that watch?!!!’ 😉

Jord Cora Polaris
Time with my family – heaven on earth. This Jord natural wood timepiece; Heaven.

I’ve noticed with my cakes, I love the way they all turn out, but for example; below here is one of my wedding cakes before fresh flowers were added – and then after the flowers… it was a lovely cake to start with, but when you see the finished product, it was TOTALLY missing those flowers! This timepiece is the flowers to my cake. It goes with any and every outfit and I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve had (you can’t exactly miss that gorgeous turquoise face, and then on closer look – those handset Swaroski crystals!) I feel like any outfit is complete with my Jord watch.


Just like family is the centre of Sweetcheeks –  with me being a 3rd generation baker/decorator ; I was happy to hear that JORD are a family owned and operated business – they started in 2013 and although they’re probably best known for their stunning wooden timepieces ; they also have other really cool accessories, sunglasses, Apple bands and who knows what else is next!

Jord Zebrawood & Turquoise timepiece
A beautiful timepiece using natural wood and stunning metal. Handset Swarovski crystals

Please don’t ask me my favourite feature though – The turquoise coloured face is absolutely stunning, but those handset Swarovski crystals,  depicting the constellation the ‘Little Dipper’ with the North Star set at 12 o’clock – talk about fancy! It’s a perpetual self-winding automatic watch which means, no batteries! It winds with the natural movement of your body.

From my days (3 lifetimes ago!) working in a jewellery store and selling some very expensive high quality watches, I know that Sapphire glass is THE glass you want your watch face to have (and in this case we have Sapphire glass on the back of the watch as well, so you can see the stunning workings of the watch inside). It’s both beautifully clear and transparent and extremely durable. It’s actually second only to diamonds in terms of durability and scratch resistance. The marriage of wood and metal is something I’d have never even thought of to look for in a watch – but that’s why Jord are creating beautiful timepieces, not me. I just get to enjoy my beautiful Zebrawood and Turquoise Cora Polaris timepiece.


Did I mention YOU can own one of these as well? Head to their website now and while you’re at it – the kind people at JORD have offered Sweetcheeks’ audience, the opportunity to win a USD$100 credit toward your favourite timepiece! All you have to do is click the link and fill out the form! Enter now; here.


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