My new JORD natural wooden timepiece *LOVE*

As a small business owner time is money, as a Mum, time is everything. Time can be either a frustrating or amazing concept but with my newest natural wood watch created by Jord (pronounced Yode – which means ‘Earth’) – time is class, elegance, and and a bucket load of ‘where did you get that watch?!!!’ 😉

Jord Cora Polaris
Time with my family – heaven on earth. This Jord natural wood timepiece; Heaven.

I’ve noticed with my cakes, I love the way they all turn out, but for example; below here is one of my wedding cakes before fresh flowers were added – and then after the flowers… it was a lovely cake to start with, but when you see the finished product, it was TOTALLY missing those flowers! This timepiece is the flowers to my cake. It goes with any and every outfit and I cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve had (you can’t exactly miss that gorgeous turquoise face, and then on closer look – those handset Swaroski crystals!) I feel like any outfit is complete with my Jord watch.

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Easter Recipe

It’s Easter Time! And don’t we know it! There are chocolate eggs, bunnies, footballs, bilby’s and even chocolate babies (freaky!) in stores everywhere right now! But what if you want to create something yourself this Easter? What if you want something a little different…. Never fear, Sweetcheeks is here with a totally awesome Easter Recipe! I’m sharing with you my favourite coconut ice – Easter style, baby! Let’s get into it …

What You Need:

• 3 1/3 cups of Pure icing sugar

• 4 1/4 cups of Desiccated Coconut

• 1 tin of sweetened condensed milk (395ml)

• Gel Food colouring (your choice of colour/s) Wilton or Americolor are both available widely from cake decorating shops or online (if all else fails, ebay has everything you could ever want for absolutely anything!)

• And of course a LARGE bowl

• Spatula or wooden spoon if you’re old school (and I love that about you!)

•A cake tin or baking dish of some sort, and use baking paper to line it.

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Tis the Season to Get Baking!

Well… at least it is in the Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes world!

We’ve been busily baking away and creating lots of delicious treats for our clients all over Australia – and I thought now was the perfect time to share some of those treats with you!

As you may already know, at SCC, we’re lucky enough to work on a huge variety of orders; from sweet birthday cookies and wedding cakes to huge corporate orders. Lately we’ve been working on lots of corporate orders for clients who are looking to sweeten up the festive season!

Custom Corporate Cookies for The Herald Sun Melbourne

We’ve been busily rolling, cutting and decorating cookies for our friends at The Herald Sun who ordered 3,000 custom cookies for 500 lucky recipients. We had the boxes custom made to perfectly fit the cookies in the colour that The Herald Weekly Times wanted. These boxes were then wrapped in their personalised ribbon before being delivered to HWT who then shipped the cookies out to each recipient.

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Sweetcheeks Barbie Cake

Ever since Barbie was ‘born’ on March 9th of 1959, as Barbara Millicent Roberts (who knew she had a whole name?!) we’ve seen her take on so many roles – over 150 actually! The creator of the Barbie doll, Ruth Handler, once said – “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices” That’s why Barbie has been a rockstar, a registered nurse, an aerobics instructor, police officer, heck she even – as an astronaut –  went to the moon 4 years before Neil Armstrong! And in the 90’s Ran for U.S President, before any female candidate had ever made it onto the presidential ballot! Barbie represents serious girl power.

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It’s Easter!!

It’s Easter time!!! And although I’ve had orders for Birthday cakes, baby shower cookies, Christening Favours, Corporate Cookies, and just about every other event or occasion other than Wedding cakes – they’ve all been Easter themed! My buddy, The Easter Bunny will be so pleased everyone is embracing this time of year.

I remember as a kid, Easter was another family get together (I LOVED any reason for my whole family to meet up, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles, cousins – omg I LOVED my cousins to bits and really looked up to my cousin, Naomi, in particular…. I still do, really) Like Christmas, we’d have it at a different house each year so as to share in the chaos and clean up – even though everyone helped with both anyway – but my most fond memories are the years we had it at ‘Biddy’s’ house. Biddy is what we called out Great Grandmother. Biddy had this awesome split level house In Sylvania, Sydney, with a spiral staircase down to the lower level – to this day I’m obsessed with spiral staircases, especially really tiny narrow ones like hers – I would play for hours, right there on those steps. Biddy had a beautiful sunroom off the back of the top level of the house, and a backyard that was just simply amazing, there was almost a cliff to get down to it – rough stone stairs (which, as a kid, I truly believe they were naturally formed – how lucky! she had nature build in a staircase for her!!) and so you can just imagine the Easter Egg hunts, the hiding places were endless. In fact now I’m thinking back on it… the ‘grown ups’ had at least a good 2 hours to themselves, while we were looking for the eggs, and playing with the cousins. Nicely played grown ups 😉

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What People Say...

Just some of my valued clients

Thank you Danielle for the fuss free experience and the delicious cake. We felt well looked after and loved how our design was brought to life. Other places were not as accommodating and simply directed us to choose one of their current designs. The hazelnut flavour in particular was a hit with our guests, I’ll definitely be recommending Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes to everyone! – Mondoni Chung, Thornbury VIC

- Mondoni Chung, Thornbury VIC