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Corporate Christmas Cookie Offers;

Exclusively for Sweetcheeks’ email subscribers in the lead-up to the end of the year.

Choose the offer that best suits your needs. To take advantage of these offers, just reply to the email I sent you.
These offers are valid until October 31st.

Let’s dive straight in…


Offer 1

Spend $1000 or more on your cookies and receive FREE shipping.
I rarely do specials and offers, but when I’ve done this one before, I’ve capped it at $100, this time though; there’s no limit. Some examples of what you’ll save;

250 Midi round printed logo cookies – $120 shipping FOR FREE!

500 Midi stamped/debossed logo cookies – $200 shipping FOR FREE!


Offer 2

Order 100 or more stamped/debossed cookies I’ll pay your custom stamp set up fee ($65)
I was going to limit this to one logo stamp per order BUT, I’ve decided that I’ll do 1 per 100 cookies. So if you’d like 300 cookies and 3 different stamps, I’ll pay for the setup fees of all 3 stamps.

You could do a Christmas wreath with your logo in the center, A Christmas graphic, Simply your logo, or all three!


Offer 3

When your total exceeds $2500, you’ll receive a $250 credit towards your next order.

Simple; spend, and save on your next order in 2024.