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The Logo Cookie Subscription is such a great way to save $$$ and make sure you always have a good supply of your branded and logo cookies to hand out to staff, customers, potential customers, VIPs and anyone else you wish to gift your most delicious Premium Branded and Logo Cookies to.

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 months, with a minimum of just 40 cookies per month, it’s a great way to emphasise your brand and save money whilst doing that.

How much will it cost? Well let’s have a look at a few examples;

Example 1
You’re a small Wedding Photography business, gifting their branded cookies to their Wedding Couples. Let’s say you order the minimum of 40 cookies and you want to start out on the 3-month subscription.

You’ll pay just $663 (printed logo cookies) all up for those 3 months, including shipping, GST; everything.

Example 2
A luxury designer retail store, gifting branded cookies to customers, VIPs and staff birthdays or incentives. You decide to go on a 12-month subscription and have 120 stamped logo cookies arrive at your store, each month. You’re going to pay just $544 per month = $6528 for the entire year!


Can I purchase cookies first to test them out?
Yes, of course! Place your regular once-off order online through our webshop or send a contact form to Danielle. It won’t be at the same discounted rate, but you’ll get a ‘taste’ (literally!) of what it’s like to have your very own Premium Branded Logo Cookies to gift out to your customers, staff and clients keeping them beyond happy, with your brand top of their mind and raving about you to others.

So how does it work?
You’ll choose what suits your business best – the timeframe and the quantity per month. You’ll be sent an invoice, make payment and then sit back and relax while your delicious, beautifully branded cookies magically show up at your door every month. Contact Danielle to get started.

Can I change the quantity halfway through the subscription?
You can increase, but not decrease, the quantity on your subscription. We require 30 days’ notice for any changes to your subscription, but we’re happy to accommodate where we can!

What kind of businesses and companies use the Sweetcheeks Logo Cookie Subscription?
Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, e-commerce stores, Children’s stores, Coaching businesses, Photography businesses, Designer Retail stores, Handmade/’Maker’ businesses, Real Estate Agents, Interior Decorators and many, many more!

I have another question…
Please always feel free to ask questions, contact Danielle here Have a look at the Premium Branded and Logo Cookies of our previous and current clients. You can get in touch with Danielle or purchase through our webshop.

Whether it’s for a one-off event or a Logo Cookie Subscription, we can’t wait to create our delicious, beautifully branded cookies for you!