Corporate Cookies

If you’re looking for corporate treats, we’ve got you covered. Celebrate corporate events with our corporate cookies, which can be customised with your preferred brand/logo in different cookie shapes. Danielle, the owner of Sweetcheeks Cookies & Cakes, specialises in customised corporate cookies and ensures that everything is handled with the utmost care, from creating cookies to packaging until doorstep delivery before the start of the corporate event. All our cookies are freshly baked and have a good shelf life of at least 4 weeks. We are sure you wouldn’t stop relishing it!



Sweetcheeks is well-known for its delicious cookies, cupcakes, mini treats, and dessert buffets. We bake items based on the occasion and the demand of our customers. Sweet treats are essential for any celebration, whether it’s corporate gifting or corporate events, parties, or wedding. We cater for all occasions!

Sweetcheeks specialises in corporate cookies made from the finest quality ingredients with the preferred brand/logo of your business. Our minimum order quantity is 30 cookies, which can be increased to bulk based on your requirements. We offer three ‘standard’ sizes, all of which are available in custom shapes and sizes (Yes, we make custom cutters in the shape of your product too). Our prices range from $3.65 to $8+ per cookie, depending on size, design, and shape, and we also have tiered bulk pricing based on quantity ordered.

We make freshly baked cookies with perfect crisp and crunch, wanting our customers to keep ordering from us. Get in touch today with Sweetcheeks to discuss corporate gifting with our corporate cookies.

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